Armored Mewtwo Coming To Pokémon Go In Limited-Time Raids

Armored Mewtwo Coming To Pokémon Go In Limited-Time Raids

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For a time, battling and catching Mewtwo was one of the ultimate goals of Pokémon Go. Exclusively acquired through lottery-based EX Raids, Mewtwo eluded many trainers for months prior to the community figuring out ways to game the system, and developer Niantic temporarily adding the iconic psychic-type to five-star raids. Niantic today announced that not only is Mewtwo coming back, and again appearing in five-star raids, but it will be its armored form that appeared in the anime

The release of Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon Go appears to align with the Japanese theatrical release of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, a remake of Pokémon: The First Movie. Armored Mewtwo will appear in five-star raids across the world in Pokémon Go from July 10 through July 31. In addition, several new cosmetic customization items will be available to purchase for your trainer avatar. 

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Author: Brian Shea
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