What Would Overwatch Be Like With Portal Guns?

What Would Overwatch Be Like With Portal Guns?

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Thanks to Symmetra, Overwatch already has portals in it, but they’re not exactly the kind that flings you around the room at high speed like we’ve seen in Portal. Recently, however, a couple players worked together to change this: they made a working Portal gun in Overwatch Workshop.

These custom-made portals conserve momentum, meaning they can launch you in the air when entered at full speed. Creators andygmb and Lymbow have clarified on Reddit that it is still just a prototype. For example, you can’t currently jump through other players’ portals. 

Check out a short video of the creation below.

If you want to try the Portal gun yourself, check it out in the Workshop by inserting the code BE2J7.

[Source: PCGamesN]

Author: Elise Favis
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